The Teaser For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Is Here

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michael-garcia - October 20, 2016

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One of the biggest hits of last year was the thoroughly entertaining Guardians of the Galaxy. I had never read the comic books and knew nothing about it other than that there was a talking raccoon and a tree creature. Chris Pratt does the whole "I'm extremely charming" thing as Star Lord and Zoe Saldana is hot in green skin. Now, the gang is back in the inevitable sequel with some some more space violence, comedy, and classic 70's pop hits. The teaser doesn't tell us much about the plot but we do know that it has something to do with Star Lord finding his father, played by Kurt Russell. Who else would it be? At any rate it looks to be as fun and colorful as the first one. It makes me believe in movies again after a summer of absolute garbage.

Plus the whole trailer is set to the soothing soft rock sounds of Blue Swede's Hooked On A Feeling. Win/win. 

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