Sarah Hyland Cleavy Sexiness For Spike’s Guys Choice Awards

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bill-swift - June 7, 2016

Sarah Hyland won the evening at the Spike's Guys Choice Awards. I don't know if that's formal or not. I can't watch anything Viacom without thinking about Sumner Redstone having geriatric orgies and it kind of throws me off. But informally, from my red carpet viewing of the event, Sarah certainly came out strongest in terms of turning her ingenue status into chesty show bonus points.

Sarah promotes her persona as more of the casual girl next door than the all decked out sextastic hottie, but when she puts her mind to showing off her body, her petite female form really shines even without excessive inflation. She's one uniquely hot looking thespianic and future mother of my fourth bastard child to be. Sarah, wear that dress and you might get the fifth kid as well. I reward with one hand and beg with the other. It hasn't worked to date, but I hate to change horses midstream. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash