Romee Strijd Sheer Lingerie Hottie

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michael-garcia - July 28, 2016

Dutch hottie and Victoria's Secret Angel Romee Strijd was doing what she does best in some tasty lingerie for the VS catalog. Nobody beats Victoria's Secret for sheer sexiness and these lacy and silky creations Romee is sporting are delightful. Some of them are sheer and they give you a peek at the glorious wonders that lie beneath. Romee has an incredible pair of funbags that really look amazing in those bras. I love a woman in lingerie. Because unlike the regular cotton underwear girls buy in a three pack at Target, when they are wearing lingerie like this you know they are down to clown. Imagine a woman like Romee entering a room in just one of these bras and panties. It would be hard to control oneself.

I'm out of town right now and I bet the Victoria's Secret catalog is waiting for me in my mailbox. Yes, I like looking at ladies in print. I'm old school, yo. 


Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret