Mariah Carey Tight Ripe Cleavage At MGM

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bill-swift - June 2, 2017

It's impossible to keep track of who Mariah Carey is fake dating these days. Let's be honest, she's a "me" kind of gal. That would be herself, not me, Bill, though don't think I would get myself into those bouncy pair for a bit of veteran diva motorboat time.

Mariah is ever exhibiting her busty boobtastic to both personal and private audiences, her signature showpieces out in full force at the MGM Grand by way of a tight and revealing dress. Does she have any other types? That's rhetorical. The lady knows how to gain an audience. For her musical performances or merely a mammarial show out and about in the evening. The cameras and eyeballs follow. Somebody's tops on my list for that ANR relationship. Look it up! Enjoy


Photo Credit: Blackgrid