Emilia Clarke Looks Fantastic All Dolled Up

 Which should come as no surprise, seeing as how she looks good even when she is not dolled up. I think someone should start a competition where the whole point is to make attractive celebrities look as ugly as possible. They can even make the proceeds go to some charitable organization that helps kids who believe they are cacti, or something. Celebrities go ape shit for stuff like that because it is great PR. 

We could get all the main women from Game of Thrones to participate. I know there are times when attractive women like to show pictures of themselves without wearing makeup in order to make ugly women feel better about themselves, but I am talking about going a step further. I want them to use makeup to purposely make themselves look as ugly as possible. 

Short of using prosthesis I want these women to use whatever is at there disposal in order to help the poor kids with cacti-derangement syndrome. If nothing else, it will make a lot of uggo's feel better about themselves for just a short while.       


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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Instagram / Getty Images

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