Daisy Ridley a Sexy Rey of Sunshine in Vogue

The blessing and curse of being the new face of Star Wars is that sometimes you disappear from the public eye for months at a time. So it is with Daisy Ridley, whose grit and determination made her the lovable protagonist of The Force Awakens, who has emerged once more from the ether to tempt us into seeing another Star Wars adventure.

Daisy's bringing her super power with her to this photoshoot, and that's her green eyes. Like a lagoon on a planet in a galaxy far, far away, I can feel myself getting lost in those eyes and wanting to take a swim around in them. While many people had their issues with Daisy's character Rey being strong in the force with no formal training, I think it's virtually impossible not to love Daisy herself. She is charismatic, funny, gorgeous, and a dynamic screen presence. 

I've got a special song for these pics of Daisy, something to finally bring a little Motown into our Jukebox Selects. The Four Tops crooning their 1966 classic "Walk Away Renee." I know her character is Rey and not Renee, but this song is every inch as smoking hot as Daisy herself. 

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Photo Credit: Vogue

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