Bikinitastic Elizabeth Hurley Perky In Pink

Hollywood's reigning ageless vampire Elizabeth Hurley isn't going to let the summer bikini season end without a fight. The supposedly fifty-two-year-old graced Instagram with a surprise bikinitastic throwback picture from two weeks ago - when the sun greeted us with a warm smile, the grass was green, the sky was new, and Hurley's non-GMO melons were out and proud. Her caption reads: 

Two weekends ago in Herefordshire. Today- the heating is cranked up and the cashmere is out #England @elizabethhurleybeach

Unless Hurley pairs her cashmere with string bikinis during cliffside jaunts like Miley Cyrus, this is going to be a cold winter indeed. Hurley has become the Insta MILF to beat recently, making headlines with just a flash of her truly infamous cleavage. While this new post might signal a temporary slowing down of the boob bonanza, you can relive Hurley's summer of funbags in the gallery below. 


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Photo Credit: Instagram

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