Bella Hadid Takes Cheesy Load In Lingerie


Maybe it's delivery, maybe it's Bella Hadid frenching pizza. Sassy starlet Bella Hadid hasn't left much to the imagination after only modeling for a couple of years. But somehow the twenty-year-old's goods still seem as fresh as ever, especially as she shows off her curves while opening wide for a big cheesy load in some new snaps. Hadid gives off retro bombshell vibes in her red lingerie and, of course, doesn't miss an opportunity to light up the screen with that thousand-watt blank stare. 

These pics, shared to Hadid's Instagram Story, were taken on the streets of New York City, where Hadid was posing for a photo shoot. While we know that this shoot is for the always-reliable Love Magazine, let's pretend that this is the beginning of Papa John's after hours campaign. I mean, John is right there in the title. And with this outfit, it looks like Hadid is soliciting one. For... the price of a pizza.


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Photo Credit: Instagram

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