Ashley Tisdale Yoga Pants in Studio City

Might as well come right out and say it. Ashley Tisdale hasn't been nearly as fun since she got married. There. It's out there and can't be retracted. Somebody had to say it. I did warn her and my own lusting heart this would happen.

Nevertheless, the former High School Musical hottie and all-around gym working out 20-something sweetheart can't stop herself from hitting the workouts even post-marriage in her stretch pants because butts were made to be shown. On women, thank you very kindly. And Spandex is a fabric that was meant to be stretched. On women's butts. Also, thank you very kindly.

Ashley was out in Studio City either before or after her gym hit, baring her sweet taut bottom in blessed yoga pants, as we've been watching her now for a decade it seems. It's actually been a decade. That booty seems tip top shape, though a squeeze test would have to be conducted before certification, obviously. As always, I caution you to ask permission before goosing. It's the polite thing to do. Enjoy. 


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Photo Credit: Splash News 

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