Nadeea Volianova Sexy Bikini Photoshoot

 There are two things in this world I do not trust: Tall grass and big breasted blondes. And since both of them seem to be included in this gallery I am forced to believe this photographer did it on purpose because he is my nemesis. In case you are wondering why I do not trust tall grass, let me explain. It is quite simple, I do not know what is hiding in there. Maybe a snake, maybe some broken glass, for all I know there could be damn bear trap. The risk is too high for me to step in there without some heavy duty boots and the machete I bought off a Colombian. 

My distrust of big breasted blondes is probably easier to understand. I do not trust them because for them to be talking to me they would have to be up to no good. Probably running some sort of scam where they need my credit card number, or a cash advance for a family emergency. Of course I will give it to them. Scam or not, I feel they have earned it for spending a bit of there time on me. What is a little bit of credit card debt in the grand scheme of things anyway?



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Photo Credit: Splash News

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