Bella and Dani Thorne Sports Bra Hottie Sisters Workout in LA


Bella Thorne clearly works out. I say that from not only seeing her taut abs and slender fit body on the regular, but also having run into her at the gym myself. That was the day I tried to lift manly sized weights and herniated my entire soul. It was impressive, mostly from an anatomical displacement point of view. Suffice it to say, Bella Thorne is in solid shape. 

She often hangs with her sister Dani for their regular daily gym workouts, largely because Dani has no job and nobody spots your booty with less reach and grabs and leers than your own sister. Unless something else spectacular is taking place that probably only exists in my dreams. The two Thorne sisters showed off their physiques in sports bras and stretch bottoms for maximum skin tightness and athletic performance, naturally. You simply can't do squats without Spandex, it's international law and also physics. 

Bella, someday we will be together and smoke cloves and talk about the troubles of the world and this crazy under the microscope life. Bring your sweaty workout clothes, I'll do the laundry while we drink vegan almonds products in the raw. I mean, us, in the raw. I have a nineteen page brochure detailing how this all goes down. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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