Romee Strijd Amazing Goddess In Lingerie

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Romee Strijd must've been dropped from heaven with the intent of driving men to the brink of utter madness. Seeing this Dutch vision of sextastic in lacy little bits of long lingerie is the most stimulation one man's heart can probably survive. Where Victoria's Secret keeps coming up with wicked hot beauty, one after another, it's baffling. I just know I want to be on the worldwide scouting trips through the small towns of the world asking folks to bring out the very best looking nineteen year old in their village. What a gig.

Romee's pimping lingerie and swimsuits like crazy for V.S. How could you not want to own a little something something of what Romee is modeling? I'm buying and that's just for my shame closet. I'm been staring at her for 30 minutes now wondering if I might find a flaw. Not a chance. This is statuesque Netherlands perfection. Well, there is one spot I can't see entirely clearly, I mean, if we want to be thorough, for science and all. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret

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