Naya Rivera is Super Sexy in Galore Magazine

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Glee star Naya Rivera looks ridiculously sexy in this shoot for Galore Magazine. The muy caliente Latina is shown in a series of provocative outfits in what looks like a dude ranch or something. I got to say that my favorite is the one where she has her short cut-offs unbuttoned and is wearing a pink bra. Her glorious knockers are a work of art. They are seriously huge, y'all. Also on show is the rest of her gorgeous body. She's got one of the best mid-riffs on the planet. I mean, I haven't seen all of the mid-riffs on Earth but I'm pretty sure that I'm right. Not only is Naya hot but she's also got some pretty amazing pipes. I believe, and I know some musical theater nerds might disagree, but she's the best singer on the show. It's probably all the extra lung capacity she gets from having such enormous colongas.

Oh, Naya Rivera. You are my favorite.

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