Rita Rusic Provides GILFtastic Booty Cheek Hanging Goodness

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Would it be wrong of me to say I was ogling the exposed butt cheeks of a 50-something year old woman long the beach this holiday weekend? Well, if staring with the intent to fondle is a crime, then put me in GILFtastic prison, because I could not stop checkout out the derriere cheeks of our veteran hottie friend Rita Rusic who was exposing her lower seat cleave beneath a not-so-cover-up along the beach in Miami over the holiday.

Now, I'm not suggesting we start advising AARP members to start letting it all hang out at the beach, but there should be a top 1% category, the silver foxes or such, where public displays of skinhibition are readily promoted and rewarded with savings to local Early Bird dinner spots or such. I know I'd like to take Rita's sweet cheeks out for a meal. Or take in. Enjoy.

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