Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Dominate the GILFtastic Two Piece Field

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There's not that much straight up competition in the 50-and-over hot bikini body category, which is an achievement in and of itself. But whatever competition there is is being dominated still by former actress turned producer Rita Rusic who continues to tan and play in the water in young ladies' swimwear in between rounds of making the sexy with her young man boyfriend.

It's hard to put into words just how alluring I find older women with ridiculously hot bodies. But if forced to use words, the string would begin with 'mommy' and end somewhere 10-20 words later with 'please'. Just the chance to be the suntan lotion boy for Rita would please me to no end and, simultaneously, all ends. It's simply unfair for a mature woman to look this hot. I cry foul. And that 'please' thing. Enjoy.

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